Signing up to PTC websites

Joining trusted PTC sites

There are many paid to click scam sites out there who only want to steal your money or waste your time when you request payment and they don't give you your hard earned money. The most trusted PTC sites are listed below that you can sign up at any time by clicking on the banner. (NOTE: All links will conveniently open in a new tab.) The more you join, the more money you will accumulate over time.

Bonus: There is a site where you are paid for social networking, watching TV, playing games, and chatting. Click here to check it out.


Pay Per Click: $.001 - $.02
Minimum Cashout: $8.00 for regular members or $6.00 for premium members.
Payment Options: PayPal, Alertpay, Liberty Reserve, Check
Features: ClixGrid: 25 chances a day for standard users or 50 chances a day for premium members to win up to $5 for clicks.
Tips: Install the Clixsense toolbar so you won't miss an ad!

 Pay Per Click: $.001-$.02
Minimum Cashout: $2 for first cash out. This increases one dollar each time you cash out until the maximum cash out of $10. 
Payment Options: Paypal, Alertpay, Neteller
Features: Buy referrals with your own money you accumulated. This is how users on this site are able to earn thousands of dollars.
Tips: Install the Neobux AdAlert so you won't miss an ad!

Pay Per Click: $0.5
Minimum Cashout: $2
Payment Options: Paypal and Alertpay